Sometimes, discussion will become a debate.

I don't like debate, especially with friend or someone around, here are some of the reasons:

  1. The winner of debate isn't the winner of the truth, it's who has better expression ability/bigger voice/more aggressive words.
  2. I'm not good at it, but I don't want to lose either.
  3. If I thought I lose, I will replay the scenes in my brain again and again, find out the way to convince debater(It seems a common natural behavior, but it affects me too much).
  4. Because of 3,it will break our relationship.
  5. Before I speak, I will over-check my potential errors in words I want to say(perhaps you will thought that's good, but I think it's too restrictive in free-talk), that will cause me speak less or keep silent.

yesterday, It happened.

I don't want to introduce the process, because everyone's expression will be more biased towards oneself, that's not fair for him.

After that, I thought a lot (ordered by time):

  1. Should no common topic lead to no communication?
  2. Perhaps we get too close, reference: Hedgehog's dilemma
  3. Our mindset are in "Binary Opposition", we don't need to convince the other, just keep two conclusion exist, do not dig it deeper.
  4. In character said, I should be the coordinator (Stop the debate from start and jump to another topic), don't involve a debate anymore!
  5. Will the problem happen again when I discuss with others?

Let it passed, It's worthless to continue unless one more time.


此 生 无 悔 恋 真 白 ,来 世 愿 入 樱 花 庄 。