this article without secrets, so there are nothing you have to observe here.

there are only 134 days before the examnation.

i'm not in the status i want, only study 4-6 hours per day, that's not enough.

i have wrote 2 passage before this one, they explained some extrem ideas what i thought

my old ideas are direct but wrong, they would hurt others, so i give up now.

perceiving the problem doesn't mean tackling the problem, in other words, the problem is still there.

i even thought i won't feel sad about it anymore before, wrong again

i won't be a Otaku in the future(perhaps sometimes will), i can not stand living with myself alone.

i need friends(espacially girl friend), communications, shopping and leaving my parents(for independence).

i have to go out and find something i need by myself, otherwise i am a kid forever.

if my friends are all better than me, i would leave the relationship, i will doubt myself and be upset again.

what a fragile baby! even no one hurts him, he still feels be injuried.

i attempt to adjust my emotion, distract, but it won't work for a long time.

i know, in this problem, no one can help me, no one have duty to help me.

infact, i just can't stand loneliness.

OK, that's all, have a goodnight.

Keeping frank is the easiest way to keep it simple.