stay or leave

On 2021.12.14, I sent the email of resignation, it was a hard selection:how happy you are to receive an offer, how uncomfortable you are to leave.

Build personal boundary

Background:for myself, I'm annoying after a debate, that will make me think too much, I said this in past articles, such like this. Then I find a conc



Before 2021

When you talk about something empty like nothing, there gets a lots of words, they seem could show my ambition and make me look like aggressive. So I

Barrier in communication

Sometimes, discussion will become a debate.I don't like debate, especially with friend or someone around, here are some of the reasons:The winner of d

Leaving is a lie

Long times ago, I said I would leave someday, it's only a few friends know that.Perhaps it's time now, the situation becomes worse and worse, I can't

After classmate's wedding

It perhaps would be a mess, I just write what I thought.Try to More thinking less feeling. (feeling often lead self-doubt)It's a public post, but it's