About me

Hi, my name is Muen.
Currently, I am a computer science student, developer, and English learner.

Why did I build the website?

I have already built many websites for myself by using different techniques.
First, it’s my hobby and what I learned from the college.
Secondly, I want to leave a ground only belongs to me on the internet and post everything I want to post without any limitation.
If I can meet more friends in this way, that’s better.
In other words, I regard it as a social way.

The history of change of my blog

  1. parasomnia.bitcron.com —— 2017.10.4 - 2018.4.30
  2. muz1.xyz —— 2018.5.1 - 2019.1.20
  3. mashiro.uk —— 2019.1.20 - 2019.2.18
  4. mashiro.best —— 2019.2.18 - Now

The meaning of the domain

Obviously, mashiro.best means that Mashiro Shiina is the best.

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