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tough, but...

The story of cover: deft won the League of Legends World 2022.

As the last post said, I succeeded at the PTE test and recently I got the offer of Master of Information Technology in QUT.
Of course, it’s an exciting and honored thing, and I am proud of it.

Until now, everything is going on time. Before I leave, I have something to say.

I should feel lucky

Because of the bad grade in GaoKao, I took part in the vocational education rather than bachelor.
I dropped out of the school when I was in high school, although I took the GaoKao, I already knew the score must be bad before I looked up the grade. I still remember the scene that I look up the result: when I got the score, I was shocking, even if I was prepared for a bad score, but the situation was worse than I thought, I just felt my life was destroied, and the only mind in my head was that I should retake the courses and Gaokao.

Today, just look back, if I retake the courses, my grades would not be better even worse. Because I was so impulsive at that time, I ignored the hardship of study and overestimate my level of basis, learning skills and passion. My family told me these when I wanted to retake. After couple of days, I was calm down and gave up the idea.

Although friends around me got offer from different university, I have no choice and went to the college.

Then, I have a dream of university and I have tried:

  1. I took a part-time courses of bachelor during college time, luckily, I passed all exams and got the bachelor degree successfully.
  2. I took the entrance examination of postgraduate, although I failed, my English level has improved a lot than before.
  3. Under the pressure of family, I started to look for jobs. fortunately I got a job that IT related, which means I have work experience.
  4. The most important thing is that when I expose my idea of studing abroad to my family, they back me.

oh! look backward, I have walked so far! Whatever, I should feel lucky.

I am not genius

Admitting the ordinary of myself is not a shameful thing. On the contrary, it demonstrates the bravery of mine.

It’s an old saying that human has three times to grow up, the first time is when you recognize that your parents are not genius; the second time is when you recognize that you are not genius; the last time is when you recognize that your childs are not genius.

As an ordinary people, I should not expect that I can achieve a huge goal within a short time. In other words, fail and sadness should be more common situation, but success at sometime is enough.

Common way to make ordinary people successful:

  1. Making a long-term plan, refusing to make temporary decision, everything I do should have sufficient preparation. (Follow plan)
  2. Perhaps, failed experience is more useful than successful experience. (Lower expectations and keep patient)
  3. Hard working is not everything, choice is more important.
  4. Everything you do is voting for who you want to be.

I should do things in the frame

In fact, it was said by Dr.Wu Jun.

Most of people are not researcher or creator who need to create or discover something new, which means they just need to follow the predecessor’s step, and they can perform better than average level. (There are so many people who don’t learn from history, including me sometime.)

Everytime I failed, I want to restart at the very beginning rather than where I failed, and then I will get another fail at the same place. Because I jump out of the frame which can lead me to success. So what’s the frame?

For example, when human handle a complex problem, it just like AI play games. At the beginning, AI will try everything it could, and collect the data of result. At the same time, it will analyze the data to find out which way can get higher score. Then, every step it take will be based on the best former step, so the final result is getting closer. The frame is generated in the process of trying, and every fail will make the frame become more accurate. If I restart at beginning, I even don’t generate frame from mistakes, just like standing still.

When should I restart?

  • The problem or situation has changed.
  • I have tried many times, so I have enough experience to generate a new frame fastly.

Therefore, it’s crucial to learn from other’s experience and the internet. With experience from others, I can reduce the times of trying to generate a frame fastly to solve the problem, which can save time.

It’s tough, but…

This opportunity is a turning point for me, and I know clearly that there are no better chance.
It’s tough, but it’s the way I choose, just enjoy the process of hard-working time and (perhaps short) new life.

The result doesn’t matter, because it will be a long journey.

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