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After 5th PTE test

Slow down my pace

I am not mad at the grade or myself, just like I know what will happen. When I left the test room, I was pretty satisfied with what I did actually. “No obvious mistake” is the feeling I had at that moment. Plus the preparation for the test, I did my best. If I still cannot pass it, that’s issue of ability.

In my opinion, the test score equals to personal ability and test skills. After the last test, it has been three months. However, the ability cannot be improved in a short time. I just bet that I can reach 65 for all units by improving the test skills in a month. As you can see, I failed, so the only way to go is to improve the ability of English, which means I need a much longer period to prepare. That’s the lesson I took from the latest two tests, “slow down my pace”.

I am glad that I am not blaming myself when I write the post. Maybe I have already forgave myself. I recognize that I am just a normal person rather than a talent, and that’s why I won’t put too many expectations on myself. Accepting personal ordinary is the bravery for ordinary people. At least, I am still moving, although I haven’t get there, I am getting closer.

  • 1st PTE test: 53
  • 2nd PTE test: 58
  • 3rd PTE test: 63
  • 4th PTE test: 64
  • 5th PTE test: 66

They are improving steadily. When I can do the thing that I cannot do before, that’s growth, and growth is with the pain. Anyway, it’s not the end of the world. English is a vital part of my whole plan, but not for all, which means I need to take effort on other fields. Haha, when I chose this way, I know, it won’t be easy.

Slow down my pace, and make it firm.

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