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After Second PTE test

Say something to relieve my emotion.

Recently, I have been preparing for PTE test for my study abroad.
Until now, I have taken part in the test for two times, but I still failed the exam.
Honestly speaking, my goal is not unreachable, which was over 50 in single subject and over 58 in average scores.

Then, I got this:

my scores in the second test

It’s an embarrassing score which the average part is ok, but only one point gap on Speaking part, which really depressed me.
Except the testing fee (almost 2000 RMB, it’s not cheap!), I just felt that the destiny plays a joke with me.

While I was writing this post, I was thinking about what should I do next at the same time, so it might be chaotic.

I suddenly realized that studying abroad is a long journey. Even if I had passed the exam successfully, there still have been many problems that I need to face in the future.
For example, if I want to work there, I must get higher scores than 65, whose difficulty is much higher, so it’s obvious that I would need to retry for many times in the future.

Look at my first time scores:

my scores in the first test

every part is better than before, so I did a good job, whereas not good enough!
In other words, I should be glad for such scores, because it proves two things:

  • My direction is right, don’t be afraid, just keep going without doubt.
  • Working hard is effective, sweat never cheats you.

After the inner thinking and review, I got much better mood. (self-adjustment is one of personal essential abilities!)

So what should I do next?
Doubtlessly, getting ready for next PTE test!

More specifically, the steps include:

  • According to the report of the result, finding the weaknesses of single item
  • Improving the quantity of training, which makes me adapt every part of the exam
  • Shortening the preparation period, keeping focus (15 days is maximum for me)
  • Finding a better practice platform for more accurate mock test and analysis (especially for Speaking part)

Once you beat yourself, you will be unstopable!

See you in 10.25.


Updated in 10.27

I got it!

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